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Reasonable Prices!
You will see from our website that our prices are very reasonable. We work very efficiently and effectively, teach you how to take over, when you want to, and our budget estimates are transparent and accurate.
We charge by the hour and we offer a discount when you order more than six hours work. We deliver artwork for digitial solutions (websites, intranet, digital portals, digital documents and stand alone images), art installations (3D, theatre, light sculpture) and print (labels, posters, textiles, cars, house walls - you name it!). Please study our detailed list of priced examples below.

Hourly fee
Film recording / photography
£42 /hour
6 hours
£150 (paid in advance)

DIY promotion courses:
Media production, social media and promotional strategies
Buy coupons:
12 coupons (3 hours) for £75
24 coupons (6 hours) for £140
Buy a course (75 minutes): £45

Support coupons*:
6 coupons (15 minutes each) for £30
*Support in relation to using the websystem is free. The first 15 enquiries each year for support, that take under five minutes to process, are also free of charge.

Our list of offers to inspire you:  

De Luxe Promo Kit - £325
Logo and animated logo design
A professional website
Dynamic slideshow
Graphics/photo animation
Advanced gif. animation for social media
Social media package
Your own music jingle
Simple webshop included
3 months free support

Film making with insight
We produce high quality film and multimedia, which you may wish to include on your website, or send by email as part of a PDF, so clients can watch what you do as well as read all about it on their tablet while on the move, or screen at a business conference.
Film awards: Elizabeth's short fiction film, The Umbrella (28 min) - Filmfestival in Huy, Belgium (Palm d'Argent, Prix de l'Office du Tourisme), Filmfestival Wattrelos, France (Medaille d'Or), Independent Film Festival Cork, Ireland (Best European Film). Film productions cost from £120. Please get a quote from Elizabeth.

Easy Work Life package
Fully exploit the potential of your products - webdesign, film, social media, workflow
Price from £350

Promotion starter kit
Work with experienced professionals who have a keen eye for the essence of your business website, various digital media, film/animation, print media, signs, SEO, tuition and support
Price £475 (£175 for WebProLight)

An example of a comprehensive solution:
website/shop, film, print media artwork and social media
Website £450
Webshop integrated £250
Short film presentation £145
Artwork for letterhead, business cards, invoices £125
Artwork for brochure £125
Artwork for car sign £75
Social Media start up with 2 months support £150
TOTAL: £1320
for design, photography, establishing of website and webshop, film production, artwork for printed media and support.

Additional cost:
£80 per year for website

and £50 per month for webshop
(There is an initial startup deposit for the webshop, 3-6 months advance payment and cost for bank Cards at the prevailing rate)

Print expenses
£250 for all the printed material, with 500 brochures and business cards

Print and mounting of car signs £200 - £500

Webshop - £30 per month
Our webshop is very easy to use and has many useful modules that enabler the retailer to carry out all tasks; product import, accounts, stock- keeping, product variations, newsletters, payment solutions, languages and platforms across countries and so much more.
The Danish webshop hosting gives free support in English by phone and email.

Payment integration module
£14 per month
Paypal solution
£6 per month

Social Media Postcard or Smart Card
- price between £25 - £55
We have designed "Postcards" for posting in Social Media and "Smart Cards" to be sent via SMS and be used as an email signature. It has given sales, dialogue with clients and many new PAGE likes, as well as brought the messages across effectively. 

It is important that the material for the animation, the logo for example, is professional. This means that it must have qualities, content, colour and a shape that enables us to reproduce it in an animation. We design, or re-design, logos and other artwork for £25 per hour.

The cost of our animation productions for our clients is normally between £150 for a simple production rising to £5,000 for a large and more lavish production.
Animations normally last between twenty seconds and five minutes. They play directly from a web page using HTML5 format and can be displayed without play buttons, and play subtly as part of the content.. Animations are produced on DVD as well, and as part of movies that play via video server (e.g. YouTube).

GUI prototypes
We produce animations for software development teams showing how the interactivity of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) works. Please get a quote from Elizabeth.

Multimedia in One File

A digital brochure is a very useful way of communicating because your presentation can be sent as a file and the receiver can save it and study it offline. Your presentation can contain all types of media, like websites, including film and animation. Your presentation can be interactive, be played like a power point presentation and much more. View an example. Please get a quote from Elizabeth.

Easy add ons:

Workshop; Test your business idea in 90 minutes
Price: £45

Concept development, writing of texts for your website
Time budget: 2 hours, price £45

Promotional strategy for your company
Time budget: 2 hours, price £45

Tune your business for international operations
English – Norwegian – Danish – Spanish – Japanese – Arabic – German - French
Your business may have much to offer across the borders of its country of residence. There may be many opportunities for productive collaboration with other businesses across various borders. With the continuous and rapid development of communication and logistic technologies, the limit of your horizon need not be limited to the business channels you have used thus far.
New business opportunities areas are constantly emerging and business leaders with initiative and foresight are beginning to see all the new possibilities. When you tune the profiling and communication systems of your business for international operations, you pave the way for this area of working and trading.

Make your own combination
We have learned that many of our clients need some or all of the thirteen products listed below and we now offer:

1 product: £52
3 products: £147
6 products: £252
9 products: £297
13 products: £384


Social media
Stylish emails
Professional email
Buy button
Postcard + artwork
SEO - Better ranking
Signs + car wrap
Website update
Promotion plan
Great workflow

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