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July 2014
We have been producing film and surround photo projection art installations in 2 churches in Swanage for PAW 2014 and we created a you-could-hear-a-pin-drop situation as the setting for the Fieri Choir and brought visual life to BSO's string concert projecting films on a dust sheet above the pulpit. We experience that our clients are moving further into the DIY and we are very pleased to see the increased activity in our very user friendly systems. Many new film releases are listed below as well as our newest photo series from our beautiful area.

Purbeck Art Weeks 2014 has had us teaching film making to school children in Purbeck and their footage became part of the film and surround photo projection art installations in 2 churches in Swanage that we produced for PAW 2014 at concerts with the Fieri Choir and Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. See photos on our Facebook page and our new introduction film below also shows a few magic clips from the shows.

We also instigated and managed a Blues Workshop with musical star Jay Tamkin at PAW 2014 and we look forward to continue promoting workshops for Jay here in South England.

This past 6 months have also been focused on the setting up of a new business in Purbeck: Many of our clients have increased both their involvement in their websites, with more regular updates and many have begun to produce their films and sound tracks themselves. We have been pleased to teach and support and enjoy the activity immensely. Taking part in bringing the internet to life with relevant and valuable information directly from the experts, is what we are all about.

New film releases 

Swanage Sailing Club
Showing every aspect of sailing with SSC in stunningly beautiful Swanage bay.

Purbeck Art Weeks trailer

Introducing PAW 2014 that took place in May/June. View some of the shows in the last film here.

The meaning of flowers
Poetic film about the flower festival in St Mary's church in Swanage with John Wood and Catherine Graham.

Raven's Eye Media introduction film
A film montage of happy moments and lots and lots of creativity.  

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