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About Elizabeth Copeland
Art Director, Film-maker, Photographer, Writer, Innovator, IT developer

Elizabeth Copeland (Maiden name: Thomsen) was trained in the Danish and English film and TV industries, from clapper/loader to producer (DR, Nordisk Film, Thames TV, LWT, C4, Transworld Int., Pinewood Studios) as an apprentice and she worked as a freelance worker in film and TV for 15 years.

Interactive screen design
In 2004 Elizabeth implemented the methods she’d developed at the Danish Technological University and the Danish Technical Institute, for which she had previously received £250,000 funding for a project that pursued patents worldwide, on Nordea Bank’s trading platform. Her innovative work won plaudits from stocks and share traders for its ease of use and sheer simplicity in being able to find information and trade more easily. Elizabeth has taken this ethos of usability and appealing design forward to clients from a range of other sectors of industry, from glass artists from Holmegaard in Denmark to international businesses like Maya Gold.

Elizabeth taught her own subject and material with the theme "Coexistence" at DLD College in London, Bristol and Cambridge for over 100 students at Summer Academies since 2016. Read more
In the 80ties Elizabeth established and managed 2 local TV-stations as course projects.

Awards and exhibitions
The Umbrella (28 min short fiction) - Filmfestival in Huy, Belgium (Palm d'Argent, Prix de l'Office du Tourisme), Filmfestival Wattrelos, France (Medaille d'Or), Independent Film Festival Cork, Ireland (Best European Film)  (Read more and view the film)
Film and sculpture installation exhibited in 1997 at the Charlottenborg Arts Museum and Aarhus Arts Museum with artist Kirsten Dufour. For this exhibition she invented a "Praxinoscope": a very simple 35mm film projector for the exhibitions.

University Studies
DTU 1996-97 Technical University of Denmark: Information Technology and Management, Graphic Communication,
Soft Image 3D-animation, Multimedia Design and Applications, Graphic Production, Telecommunication in Organisations, Development of Information Systems

Facebook: eli7abeth, Twitter: @eli7abeth, Skype: eli7abeth

On location with cinematographer Henning Bendtsen, shooting "The Paper Dove" (not online yet).
Previously, Henning also worked for the Danish film-productionicon Theodor Dreyer.
Obituary in The Guardian