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Raven's Eye Media moved from Derby to Swanage in Purbeck near Bournemouth in June and we have rapidly got engaged in cultural life and business life in the area. Elizabeth Thomsen was engaged by Purbeck Art Week 2014 to invent, create and manage a film installation project which is to be exhibited at concerts with Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and the Fieri Choir. She is to teach school children in Purbeck film making and their films will also be played as part of the filmic arts installation. We have now a complete Norwegian version of our website and we are preparing to visit Stavanger with tailor made packages for industries there. The process has added further to our experiences with tuning a business to a new place and culture. Read more news below.

New team members
Richard Shrubb, writer, is situated in the Purbeck area and he will contribute with local experience and lots of creativity.
Natasha Pope, actress, is to produce the presentation footage in our new film introducing Raven's Eye Media

News about clients
We have designed a few promotional offers for, holiday accomodation in Cornwal, as "Facebook postcards" (

Danish musician Kalle Kjemtrup has subscribed to and we have been busy designing artwork for covers and forming a new promotion strategy (

Hanne Kjemtrup, Nordly Therapist, has started her own film making and we are in the process of helping her upload and present her film clips (

Soren Paludan won a health award ( and

The swim centre on the isle of Falster in Denmark has a new design on their website ( has new mashinery and are making films showing them.

Recent film productions

Swanage Jazz Festival, open venues
Musical montage from beatiful Swanage beach and keyside with many live bands.

RNLI, report from Swanage Pier
How often do you see 300 on a pier saying the Lord's prayer?

Kaerehave Skov
Very information rich montage with music from Kaerehave forest in Denmark. Client Soren Paludan was awarded Health Award and this film was part of the presentation at the competition.

Elizabeth's many extra curricular projects using social media and communicating with contacts around the world has taught us a lot of new tricks, like for example the "Facebook postcard" that has been published on behalf of several clients with many shares and likes as a consequence.
Read more about Social Media Postcards.

Our client since 2004, Soren Paludan, won a Health Award. The competition was launched via Facebook and both our postcard designed for Soren as well as the film about his forest project helped him win.
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Recent photos
View a new photo series from this summer in beautiful Swanage - June to October 2013