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News are delivered in many many shapes and forms online as well as in print. We have recently started a new printed tabloid! RSS is a traditional tool, it is independent from tracking and profiling and we are testing its podcast news-stream, embedded here:

Here below you can find Raven's Eye Media's newsletters from 2013, 2014 and 2017 - that is all that we had the time to do. Social Media as news provider quickly drowns, especially when you are banned on the systems, or otherwise down-ranked for unfathomable reasons.
News January 2017

We would like to wish you a very happy and prosperous 2017, and would like to take this opportunity to share a selection of wonderful projects from 2016, as well as a glimpse of this year's endeavours. Including, extreme sailing with a buzz, developing new solutions for modern companies, more social justice initiatives and campaigning for our environment, plus a hybrid theatre project involving a blues harmonica and dancing.

If you feel so inclined, please forward this newsletter. New clients who respond to this email in 2017, will receive 5% New Year discount on our products: websites, social media solutions, graphics, animation and film production.

View some exciting films below from Swanage Blues Festival 2016, and from a great gig at The Grove Pub that got the men dancing, with Robert Hokum, Steve Kemp-King, Paul White, Hugh Budden, Steve Darrington and Dan Sowerby. We hope you enjoy them.  

Our voluntary environmental work concluded in the forming of the Environmental Action Hub website (thank you to Simon O'Connor for his help in naming the website).  

Environmental Action Hub, Fracking, Air Pollution, Radiation

New logos, produced since our last newsletter, for,,,,, Sara Lyra and   

Over a period of time our icons have become essential in the way we can explain new product packages. So, we decided to make them more self explanatory and have added a few more in the process.

Raven's Eye Media - new icons

We are pleased to introduce sexologist Susana Kimberley ( We shall be writing blogs about love with Susana and some Bournemouth based writers. Another amazing new website, in English and German, is Diana Jaritz is a metaphysisist and, along with Susana, they are both a wonderful inspiration to work with, creating better health and harmony in our world.

Here is another website designed and developed for Thy Paradis guest house in Thy, Denmark, involving unique nature photos, website in Danish, German and English with booking system for a spacious cosy B&B:

In July 2016 I, Elizabeth, went to London to teach "Coexistence" to 99 students for "Academic Summer" at the DLD College.

It is within 'Human Nature' to compete and to coexist. Which characteristic would we like to encourage in ourselves, and which will make us successful in pursuing what we want in life? While it is widely accepted, but rarely defended, that competition is inevitable, this claim is based on the thesis that competition is part of 'human nature'? Can such a claim ever be substantiated? Who benefits from this position? Or, can we choose not to let competition drive us, and choose coexistence over it? (Inspired by author Alfie Kohn).
Academic Summer webpage / Read more about the coexistence workshop here.

A few weeks ago, Richard, asked me to design the cover for his father's book which, after reading, I must say, completely swept me off my feet. The book is for sale on Amazon and all proceeds go to charity.The book is for sale on Amazon and all proceeds go to charity.

My Urchin Empress by Roger Shrubb

We have launched Web Pro Light encouraged by Danish business man Denis Støckel (festø and we offer this effective, simple, promotion starter kit, for £175. Read more about our new, advanced and effective solutions for modern companies further down.


Another example of a popular product, that we offer, is Promotion starter kit (£ 475). This package contains a uniquely designed website, integrated social media, blog function, tuition and support, SEO module, Google DIY course, a simple animation with impact, editing and upload of 3 film clips, artwork for business cards, letterheads and 2 signs, 'postcards' for Facebook, promotional strategy, multimedia-file for download, designed email template and the first year of hosting (£65-£85/year). You are welcome to contact me for more information; Elizabeth Thomsen. Call (+44) 07543281999 or email

We have worked to make every client's website as visible and content rich on mobile phones and tablets as they have been on computer screens for the past two decades. We expect our new website-system will be able to meet online requirements for at least the next decade. Although, of course, noone can predict the future. Here is an example. HT-stoker decided on the version which expands to full screen width on all devices.

It is a great privilege to be working on projects that, not only give wonderful professional challenges and results involving amazing people, but also, in an overall sense, are deeply meaningful in our society.

Extreeme sailing

We have had a series of meetings about projects including sailing around Antarctica (westabout; the dangerous way), and also to develop a website to help families, who are in need of support from social services, to be better able to stay together.
Hybrid theatre

All the recent music filmmaking, especially the blues, has inspired a new play; a modern piece of hybrid theatre, without dialogue, campaigning for our environment and a more peaceful world, set in a pub. And I am making preparations to stage it in London as the start of a planned tour of different countries.

From updating our clients to a new mobile friendly websystem and from launching WebProLight, we've moved on to develop a more advanced system, with a bespoke guide for modern businesses, set for release in the spring 2017. Our goal is to use our very flexible technology, applying more complex uses, involving even more users and implement our bespoke guide creating versatility of work-roles within companies. It's going to be fun! Find out more in our next newsletter.

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2017 :) * Elizabeth

ENJOY our groovy films:

More about our new BLOG about love in our next newsletter and on our Facebook page

News July 2014

We have been producing film and surround photo projection art installations in 2 churches in Swanage for PAW 2014 and we created a you-could-hear-a-pin-drop situation as the setting for the Fieri Choir and brought visual life to BSO's string concert projecting films on a dust sheet above the pulpit. We experience that our clients are moving further into the DIY and we are very pleased to see the increased activity in our very user friendly systems. Many new film releases are listed below as well as our newest photo series from our beautiful area.

Purbeck Art Weeks 2014 has had us teaching film making to school children in Purbeck and their footage became part of the film and surround photo projection art installations in 2 churches in Swanage that we produced for PAW 2014 at concerts with the Fieri Choir and Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. See photos on our Facebook page and our new introduction film below also shows a few magic clips from the shows.

We also instigated and managed a Blues Workshop with musical star Jay Tamkin at PAW 2014 and we look forward to continue promoting workshops for Jay here in South England.

This past 6 months have also been focused on the setting up of a new business in Purbeck: Many of our clients have increased both their involvement in their websites, with more regular updates and many have begun to produce their films and sound tracks themselves. We have been pleased to teach and support and enjoy the activity immensely. Taking part in bringing the internet to life with relevant and valuable information directly from the experts, is what we are all about.

New film releases 

Swanage Sailing Club
Showing every aspect of sailing with SSC in stunningly beautiful Swanage bay.

Purbeck Art Weeks trailer

Introducing PAW 2014 that took place in May/June. View some of the shows in the last film here.

The meaning of flowers
Poetic film about the flower festival in St Mary's church in Swanage with John Wood and Catherine Graham.

Raven's Eye Media introduction film
A film montage of happy moments and lots and lots of creativity.  

News 2013

Raven's Eye Media moved from Derby to Swanage in Purbeck near Bournemouth in June and we have rapidly got engaged in cultural life and business life in the area. Elizabeth Thomsen was engaged by Purbeck Art Week 2014 to invent, create and manage a film installation project which is to be exhibited at concerts with Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and the Fieri Choir. She is to teach school children in Purbeck film making and their films will also be played as part of the filmic arts installation. We have now a complete Norwegian version of our website and we are preparing to visit Stavanger with tailor made packages for industries there. The process has added further to our experiences with tuning a business to a new place and culture. Read more news below.

New team members
Richard Shrubb, writer, is situated in the Purbeck area and he will contribute with local experience and lots of creativity.
Natasha Pope, actress, is to produce the presentation footage in our new film introducing Raven's Eye Media

News about clients
We have designed a few promotional offers for, holiday accomodation in Cornwal, as "Facebook postcards" (

Danish musician Kalle Kjemtrup has subscribed to and we have been busy designing artwork for covers and forming a new promotion strategy (

Hanne Kjemtrup, Nordly Therapist, has started her own film making and we are in the process of helping her upload and present her film clips (

Soren Paludan won a health award ( and

The swim centre on the isle of Falster in Denmark has a new design on their website ( has new mashinery and are making films showing them.

Recent film productions

Swanage Jazz Festival, open venues
Musical montage from beatiful Swanage beach and keyside with many live bands.

RNLI, report from Swanage Pier
How often do you see 300 on a pier saying the Lord's prayer?

Kaerehave Skov
Very information rich montage with music from Kaerehave forest in Denmark. Client Soren Paludan was awarded Health Award and this film was part of the presentation at the competition.

Elizabeth's many extra curricular projects using social media and communicating with contacts around the world has taught us a lot of new tricks, like for example the "Facebook postcard" that has been published on behalf of several clients with many shares and likes as a consequence.
Read more about Social Media Postcards.

Our client since 2004, Soren Paludan, won a Health Award. The competition was launched via Facebook and both our postcard designed for Soren as well as the film about his forest project helped him win.
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Recent photos
View a new photo series from this summer in beautiful Swanage - June to October 2013