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By email, with a stylish design and easy to view. Send beautifully designed emails, maybe containing video, and integrate the internet based communication tools, that your contacts and targeted clients use, into your website. We make solutions with your own unique design and teach you how to use your online communication tools. Emails with professional layout of text and images really do make the message clearer and more attractive. We create your first design, import your email contacts and provide all the help you need to get you started. The 'MailChimp' email system is free to use, when less than 12,000 emails are sent to less than 2,000 email adresses per month.

View an example of our newsletters.

Professional email

- on the Internet, easy to use. Obtain easy access to your business mailbox from your mobile phone, tablet or computer with internet access. There's no installation or mail settings involved. We create your account with your business' email address (same address as your website) and we import your list of contacts. Additional cost: The Gmail business account costs £3 per month per email address and there's a one time transfer fee of £15. Or we can help you benefit from for example the Office 365 Email system. 


- start a deeper communication on your website
Some subjects are best approached with a longer, more in depth text on your website. A Blog affords visitors to your website the oportunity to make comments and discuss texts left by you and others. We install the Blog tool Disqus on your website and teach you how to use it. It's free to use.

Other communication tools

If you are looking for the best way for you to communicate with your clients, we will be happy to give you ideas and advice.