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Why Learn About Marketing?

As mentioned in my course description for my two day course, regarding promotion in your enterprise, I see again and again how those that take a genuine interest in their marketing are the most sustainable and agile as times change and that they sell well and get many more exciting assignments and clients.

After over twenty five years as a loyal supplier of teaching and consultancy as well as a producer of the marketing material and IT solutions for promotional administrative purposes for a broad range of enterprise of all types and sizes, I must conclude that it's a real challenge to get my clients dynamically and methodically (often very related) engaged in their marketing. I still see sporadic and "intuitive" approaches from even the most experienced large size entrepreneurs who, against their better knowledge, make too little priority towards analysing and structuring their marketing. With a good promotional plan the entrepreneur can ensure that their published media material is optimal and the level and depth of information is relevant and punchy – the results of this being that their communication and sales is finely tuned to give the best outcome and that clients do not have wait for a response to their interest.

It is not possible to learn the benefits of what you have never tried. Producing media and IT communication for entrepreneurs does not teach them the process - and it clearly does not work to just explain the process with illustrated sketches and keep listing the benefits in theory. As a consequence of my two day courses, I expect to see improved approaches in future and other courses, because I have seen this with those of my clients that I coach on a regular basis. I have also seen that once the full process has been exercised there is no going back. It is simply too effective to miss out on and the work is done and the results tested - so you always know you are on the right track to reaching your targets.

Promotion is about the targeted message and about repetition. This is in order for the potential client to be able to best understand what is on offer and to think about it over time and reflect and compare the message to their own experiences in their enterprise.

Here, a systematic approach ensures the needed stamina is provided to both ensure the clear messages comes across and that repetition is balanced with variation and the targeted outlets are advertised in a balanced way - not too many advertisements and yet enough to keep the awareness alive.

I now have a new target for my enterprise. My vision is to work for more clients who are willing to invest in their future by taking a deeper interest in their marketing processes and all that is related to them. It will mean I shift my weight of interest from producing to more teaching. I am likely get the same amount or even more work with creating media material, as the more my clients learn about the benefits of this, and how to apply it, the more they are going to require. The greatest benefit of teaching my clients more in depth about how the process can work and how systematic approaches are really easy to adapt, and with a little practise, they will get a genuine first-hand experience of that which I would otherwise be repeating for the next 20 years! An investment of some hours in the day-time over a weekend for the very favourable sum of £165 - which also includes follow up and support for 3 months - is worthwhile for those who wish to take their enterprise to a new level regarding marketing and communication. Read more about our courses.