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Ideas for your promotion and sales strategy

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Easy Work Life package
Fully exploit the potential of your products
Webdesign, film, social media, workflow
Price from £350

Promotion Starter Kit
Work with experienced professionals who have a keen eye for the essence of your business
Website, various digital media, film, animation, print media, signs, SEO, tuition and support
Price £475 (£175 for WebProLight)

The most practical email solution functions as well on your phone and tablet as it does on your computer, accommodates designed emails and receipt from receiver.

It is easy to upload and list files on webpages for download from your website. The files folder on your webserver is both accessed via your FTP-programme and your webeditor. We produce interactive documents (including PDF) containing embedded multimedia including film clips.

Social Media
When campaigning professionally using social media, frequency, variety, relevance and convergence are equally important, and all depend on how easy it is for the campaigner to accomplish a professional method. Automated systems generate frequency, but that's all. In order to campaign succesfully a tailored system is designed for every campaign.

The website menu is, as the word says, a menu and it should be visible at all times on all devices to present the content at the visitor's first glance.

A part of your website may be for the employees eyes only. Using our system you can produce password protected areas with tailored access for individual employees and groups.

Nothing online is secure from intruders who invest in hacking your system. Data is only truly secure when offline. However, there are ways to make online data more secure. For a small investment, proportional with the applied level of security, our clients can aquire IBM certified security solutions embedded in the websites we develop.

Online < > Offline + Backup
You can save your entire website, or selected pages, into a PDF-file, which you can forward for studying offline - and you can also save as HTML and keep it as backup. The system can also be set to save backups on a regular basis.

Raven's Eye Media

We collaborate with you, identify your core essence, form a promotional strategy, finally designing, producing and teaching you how easily you can work with your promotion.

Ideas For Tools
Which tools and distribution channels will give your enterprise the best results?


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Share on Facebook -  Play on website -  YouTube channel - Screen DVD

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