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In recent years I have been a very busy campaigner working with scientists, engineers and lawyers in the UK and in Denmark doing my best to contribute to a cleaner and safer world.

I realised from the beginning that by campaining independently, using my skills and the resources in my business, I was uniquely able to make a difference with campaigning initiatives to stop the environmental damage done by fracking and also supporting organisations and individuals that share my aims. I saw that I had to give this work priority and I am very glad I did.

Donations help towards my expenses in connection with my campaigning work and I never charge for my time. Thank you for your contribution. Read about my results with campaigning on this page.

Elizabeth Copeland, Film-maker

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Some results from my campaigning:

2015; A significant and essential contribution to stopping fracking in Denmark by campaigning with Gitte Brønnum Andersen in Vendsyssel in Denmark and involving fundraising for lawyer Søren Stenderup Jensen.

In the UK the group said our website was one of the most comprehensive in the UK.

May-June 2017; Supporting Labour candidate Jed Sullivan i Fylde in the UK to strengthen his position in the general election. Fylde in Lancashire is one the known sites where fracking could have taken place very soon. Now, as a result of campaigning all over the UK since 2012, we have a view to get fracking banned by Labour, LibDems and the Green Party, and we keep working hard to accomplish this. One of the key problems with fracking is that the gas exploration process pollutes our aquifers irreversibly and seriously and worsens climate change.

In July 2016 I gave a lecture in my version of "Coexistence - doing away with the myth of competition" to 99 students at the The Summer Academies in London and I look forward to developing this course in future.
I had my first student in the UK at a Raven's Eye Media courses set up to teach and support new businesses.

I have always campaigned, since I was a teenager, and very much along the lines of the British Labour Party - for a greener, cleaner, healthier, more fair and socially caring world leading to end wars and bring prosperity to all.

I have applied for funding for a LED-light curtain for our Hybrid Theatre:

Cocktail of Life is about our wonderful world, love, our environment and how we can have a bright future when we use our imagination and follow our hearts. The hybrid theatre production involves groovy music, dancing, the narrator is a harmonica, it's without words, we serve drinks and edible flowers during the play and have a high degree of audience involvement, we use LED lights everywhere to tell our story and also some smoke and a bomb with confetti! Besides the harmonica player, the characters are a big led light screen acting as a screen of the computer of the characters Jack and Claire (who fall in love, have a family and go through hell) and the computer who develops its own mind... and, of course, the virus......

Cocktail of Life is planned to have an opening night in a London pub this autumn and the Hybrid Theatre concept will also form the basis for my future educational projects and be a part of my source of income in future.

It is a great thing that I have platforms with which I can work, like Labour, Greenpeace, Food and Water Watch and many many more, so I am never entirely out on a Don Quixote mission impossible. However, these organisations do not solve the specific tasks that I have felt needed to be solved. For example, supporting Jed Sullivan in Fylde in the general election, with the aim to stop fracking in the UK, and consequently in many parts of the world.

I hope I have inspired more people to take part and help the world of our children onto an easier path. I feel that is also what parents are for, and I naturally follow my inclinations as a mother, like I always have.

If you should so wish, you could either donate via this button - or pay into my English or Danish Bank Account.

Barclays - sort code 20-50-40, account no. 03719421
SWIFT: BARCGB22 IBAN: GB03 BARC 2050 4003 7194 21

Thank you for reading my story. God bless you *

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