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Some questions to ask yourself….
How do you want to:

live, breathe, eat, drink, talk, move, dance, think, feel... love?
Here is what I have experienced:

Your body, attitude and, consequently, circumstances are all shaped by your fate and choices.

Your fate, actions and choices shape how you live.

Your breathing is a reflection of your state and determines your health and energy.

You become what you eat and drink, also how your food and drink was processed affects you.

Your words define you and your messages shape the world around you.

Your posture, moves and body language reflect your state and balance and dynamics in your emotions and your body is essential to your health and happiness.
Your body knows if you're lying to yourself and it will tell you.
Our feelings affect our body and are directly affected by our thinking, which again is affected by our actions and choices and fate.

Are you true to yourself in love?

LOVE IN A FAITHFUL RELATIONSHIP by Elizabeth Thomsen (Eli7abeth)

(My contribution to a team effort with Aaron, Susana, Jago and Vicki... and many more who joined in.)

For our inspiration I have starting a thread on my Facebook wall, on which you are welcome to comment and send friends to join us: eli7abeth/posts/ 1314532728619561

Love is indeed without boundaries and conditions and in intimate relationships, love thrives on trust and passion.

I believe you can do what you set your mind to and that you could achieve a happy relationship with your soulmate.

Soul retrieval has returned to modern psychology and psychiatry as it has been an invaluable mean of healing the mind and soul and, so, the body for thousands of years. Yes, we have a soul, and it's essentially embodied in our bodies. Christianity is my mean of understanding my soul.

There are many seducing arguments for polygamy and open relationships. The practises are in line with the trends of our consuming societies, where abuse and addiction rule hand in hand and nothing is ever enough. As corrupting media make us believe we deserve more than we sensibly require, our curiosity is stimulated by the idea that we can regard love partners as commodities and as we also view our sexual services as something that can be competitively ranked, we do, in fact, cross over into a messy maze of voluntary prostitution. Challenged with life's natural obstacles and pain, we furthermore use sex as a remedy and the idea that polygamy or open relationships could be a shortcut to boosted self esteem, feeling powerful, ranking high and finding 'love' - is always in the proximity.

Coexistence in a proper loving relationship grows trust, both in each other and this trust furthermore enforces the ability to show trust to the outside world.

Trusting enables compassion and is in the root of a loving relationship.

God created us men and women in pairs for a reason. As we have a soul we require true bonding of our souls as part of connecting in relationships.

There is no scientific algorithm which can balance the fair and satisfying distribution of resources between more than two in a relationship. On the contrary, the unbalance will cause that there will be competition and winners and losers all the time. And some losers choose to not even compete or let themselves be dragged into the game, but they willingly step back to let go of their fair share. Either way, love dies.

This is the same when relationships are 'open'.

In circumstances where more than two are involved there can be no equality, freedom or justice. It will not be a happy loving relationship between any of those involved, but a false patched up miserable constellation, based on self deceit, and the inevitable lies.

Whatever sexual prosperity will be present, will be the manifestation of the winner and not a truly satisfying mutual act of making love between equals.

Competitive people in need of feeling in control and that they have power over other people will seek to get involved with multiple partners, and also to avoid getting closely involved with either of them.

Sexual activities in circumstances where there can be no equality, justice, trust, and thus no real love, are purely manifestation of power and subordination and such activities are not beneficial for a healthy human psyche and the building of a society where trust and coexistence should be ruling, but they will promote competition, despair and violence.

It is the sound core of the home, the safe base, from where the inhabitants regain strength and can build character, that is essential to the upkeep up a sound mind and body. Practises, which undermine this core, lead to destruction of character and relationships, and to addictions to fullfil the deep need for true love and comfort.

Polygamy, cheating or open relationships all do great damage to the human soul because without trust, love, justice, freedom and dignity, while involving competition, lies, falsehood, domination and humiliation, the intimate act pretending to be pleasing, even loving, is nothing but abusing for all who are involved. Such acts tear up the tissue which defines us as human beings and distort our sense of self and the essence with which we navigate in life and which enables us to know what is good and evil.

The reason homosexuals easily get in a situation of multiple partners and high frequency serial relationships is not because they seek polygamy or open relationships. It's because it's difficult for them to find their partner and many find they are homosexuals while cheating on their partner in a straight relationship, and cheating is immensely addictive.

So, becoming soul forsaken, a human being abusing him or herself, the trust and love, by cheating, enforcing polygamy or denying that an open relationship is a wicked falsehood, will become a serial abuser, addicted to repetitively seeking to find evidence that the practise is honourable, the lies are the truth, the acts serve a purpose, and are not a selfish, greedy, evil acts.

And for every new conquest, for every win, to comfort the feeling of shame, another victim is added to a trail of broken hearts and traumatised humans.

Competition and games have no place in loving relationships. Place the correct label on polygamy, cheating and open relationships. It's all destructive and based on lies, greed and lust for power and dominance.

Love is tolerance indeed. However, tolerating abuse is enforcing the abuser and dishonouring yourself, God's temple, your body and soul, and it's never love.

Walk away from abusers or, if you can, help them heal. Do not let yourself be abused, or become or remain an abuser.

The only way out of such vicious circle is forgiveness, determination and self control.

All my love to you and yes, you can trust me, as I trust God and pray every day for God's guidance.

God bless you always.