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at Bournemouth Library, in Southbourne and in Swanage. You can book a space on a 2 day course or you can join one or more of the evening classes.
Promotion in your enterprise
2 day comprehensive course teaching all you need to learn to be able to promote your products and services professionally. Read more below.

Goals, preferences, targets, strategies
Methods, work-flow, resources, skills
Choice of tools
Price: £250 for 2 days 

4 evening classes:
Marketing MOT
Professional online  
Film making for promotion
Coexistence in business

The courses will take place on week days from 18:30 to 20:30 with 4 to 6 participants and with 30 min. follow up with each student online via Skype.

Price: £12 per course
(Coexistence in Business is £5)
(Pay me at the door)

Give your business a marketing MOT, promote your business professionally in social media, become a filmmaker profiling your business and hear about coexistence in business, how to benefit from working with your competitors and become better at dealing with the sales processes.

- courses in Southbourne are held at St Christopher's Church, Arnewood Rd, Bournemouth BH6 5DW
Enquiries: Elizabeth Thomsen 07543281999

Marketing MOT 
Why do you need to show your characteristics and essence of what you do? Simply, you need to explain how you create value and benefit your clients. You do this with: A professional look, a complete presentation of your products and services, an in depth profile, constantly updated content, photos from your business, films and illustrations. As an example, we at Raven's Eye Media create value because: "We identify the core essence of your business, collaborate with you while forming a promotional strategy, design and produce the complete palette of marketing material and IT systems including websites and we teach you how to work with your marketing efforts efficiently and easily.
Read more.

Professional online
Content strategy and plan for website content and all other channels. In recent years the choice of methods, media types and channels for the sending of messages for business and private individuals has grown to an extent where it is now very difficult and time consuming to look at all the possibilities and decide into which ones to invest time and resources. The way it's done today is that we become visible through our actions and thoughts, described and posted online. Our footprints in the digital universe can be shaped so that they are clearly comprehensive and all together form a good image of our professional lives. It is important to form a strategy how to spend the resources of your business in this universe which is constantly growing and so easily appear as a babylonic confusion. You are required to both create posts that make sense and also guide your readers to the content you wish to share, and at the same time build your complete image, collecting everything in your central hub: your website. When approached in the right manner social media, such as YouTube (which many of our clients benefit from), Linked In, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter, can be an effective resource. These pages can help you channel your messages and encourage dialogue with business relations and clients, as well as gain rank in search engines. The content strategy ties in with your promotion strategy. We will go into depth in areas of your choice. We form a promotion strategy based on our investigations, research and analysis, which identifies the most effective types of marketing material and distribution channels to benefit your business. Forming a content strategy and a promotion strategy, media production and marketing plan also results in your budget, for media material and marketing, being more efficient and cost effective. Read more.

 Filmmaking for promotion
Learn how to produce high quality films, which you can include on your website, or send by email as part of a PDF, so your clients can watch what you do as well as read all about it on their tablet while on the move, or screen at a business conference. Your teacher is an award winning filmmaker: Elizabeth's short fiction film, The Umbrella (28 min) - Filmfestival in Huy, Belgium (Palm d'Argent, Prix de l'Office du Tourisme), Filmfestival Wattrelos, France (Medaille d'Or), Independent Film Festival Cork, Ireland (Best European Film) Filmmaking achieves the highest quality when the team plays well together. Elizabeth has a great deal of experience filming in many different locations: in factories, on road works, building sites, in music studios, schools, clinics, on the water (not under!), on mountain tops, in the air and in many different countries and cultures. She always gets on with the cast and crew in a subtle and sometimes invisible way, and gets the material that is needed, efficiently and accurately. Work flow for film production which we will introduce at the course: Research > Concept development > Manuscript > Production plan > Budget/cost estimate > Collection of data/media material/information > Photo/movie recording > Authoring of texts > Editing of photo/movie > Graphic artwork production/animations > Evaluation > Final editing > Distribution/publishing The course will work with the concept of 3-4 minute presentation films, to be played via video server (e.g. YouTube) or directly from the webpage. We also work with how to burn the correct DVD format. Read more.

Coexistence in business
Introduction to the theories of Alfie Kohn, who's criticisms of competition and rewards have been widely discussed and debated, and he has been described in Time magazine as "perhaps the country's most outspoken critic of education's fixation on grades [and] test scores." Our workshop will work with our base of experience for how the clients, we have worked with for over 20 years, prosper from coexisting with other businesses, including what is regarded as their competitors. We also touch the subject'coexistence psycology'about how to best meet your 'coexistors' Extract from THE CASE AGAINST COMPETITION by Alfie Kohn The race to be Number One has been described as America's state religion. We have been trained not only to compete frantically, but to believe in the value of beating people - and to help our children become winners. Research and experience, however, demonstrate that competition is actually destructive to self-esteem, poisonous to relationships, and counterproductive in terms of learning. Spelling bees, awards assemblies, competitive sports, and even informal contests at home teach children to regard other people as potential obstacles to their own success. The result is that everyone ultimately loses in the desperate race to win. Alfie Kohn, author of NO CONTEST: The Case Against Competition, describes the hidden costs of turning the school into a place for triumph. The problem, he argues, is not just that competition is overdone or badly handled; rather, the very win/lose structure itself has damaging consequences for how children come to see themselves, each other, and the act of learning. The alternative is not merely the absence of competition but the construction of caring communities in which people help each other to succeed. 
It is both in 'Human Nature' to compete and to coexist. Which characteristic would we like to encourage in ourselves, and which will make us successful in pursuing what we want in life? While it is widely accepted, but rarely defended, that competition is inevitable, this claim is based on the thesis that competition is part of 'human nature'? Can such a claim be substantiated? Who benefits from this position? Or, can we choose not to let competition drive us, and choose coexistence over it? (This course is also held at DLD College in London 2016 and 2017.)

 Great workflow

Our web based system is developed for you to work more efficiently with all your online tools and make you able to easily utilise Google's criteria for acheiving the best possible ranking in the search engine result. Read more.

Arrange a workshop
You can arrange a workshop with us and have it tailored to your requirements. Themes could be:

Promotional strategy
The use of video in your business
Inspiration / innovation in focus areas and/or in general
Animation/film as a tool for education
Digital documents with multi media
Your suggestions
Individual tuition and support

We offer ongoing tuition and support to assist you in areas where you and your employees need more experience.

Test your business idea in 90 minutes
We take you through a very efficient process analysing your business idea and we give you our comments and recommendations in every area of business start up and business development.

2 day comprehensive course - teaching all you need to learn to be able to promote your products and services professionally.

What you set out to do in the first place must be reviewed and adapted on the way on the basis of your findings. Setting goals is a great process that involved everything in direct and indirect relation to your enterprise and the people, products and services it contains. And the measuring method is not conservative, but evolving and expanding in all dimensions around the simple question that everyone involved must answer; What is success? What is a good product/service? What is in a loyal supplier customer relationship? What determines the budget and resources? How sustainable, in every way, are the products/services? Find out how long living your goals are likely to be and how you will see them after a while.
Are you looking to:
- Get more customers?
- Find a different type of customers?
- Introduce new products or services?
- Put your price up?
- Get customers for a specific product or service?
- Sell more to existing customers?
- Do several or all of the above?



We all work in different ways and that is where team work is excellent at ensuring our collective effort is comprehensive. Find answers from each person involved to get the complete picture of what will motivate the enterprise as a whole.
What has worked well and what has not worked for you so far?
Do you prefer real life contact sales, phone sales or IT-solution?
What are your strengths in relation to marketing and sales?



Be realistic. Many targets are closely related to factors not in direct view inside the enterprise. Make sure you list all relevant influencer before you assess your targets. And make room for dreams as well.
- What are your levels of ambition in relation to your goals?
- What are your priorities?
- How can you measure if the targets you are looking to reach have been met?



Be honest. What ever we decide to do, it must keep motivating us.
- Would you like to automate and execute your custom made plan with quick results?
- Would you like to like to take your time to try strategies out and adapt your approach?
- Would you like to communicate with potential customers as you run your campaigns?
- Are you open to receive the opinions of your receivers in response to your campaigns?


There are an abundant number of ways to do the same job with similar effects. Again, it's best to engage methods that fuel the driving force; your motivation. Some methods are cheaper to implement, other will be more time effective, but sometimes not as productive. There more you have hands on in a structured way, the better you can catch the potentially future customers who are willing to communicate with you.

- What weight do you put on personal, phone and digital costumer contact in relation to each other?
- Do you, or your employee, like to tell stories and share information about your work?
- Do you make films with yourself presenting your enterprise and products?
- Would you be willing to work with custom made IT-solutions to promote your enterprise?
- Would you be willing to learn and carry out part of the promotion on a daily basis?
- Have you decided how much you will invest in your promotion?



Although most people do not like to be conformed in their work day, a structured, repetitive workflow will win hearts over once it is rehearsed and experiences are gained. The essential thing is to evaluate and adapt the strategies. In many cases customers need to see the same offer, best from different angles, over time to finally come round to make inquiries. So, your work flow will ensure you present the stamina to be both abundant in variation and volume as well as find ways of repeating yourself without becoming boring. Social media news feeds cannot replace the structured website where content can be presented in a comprehensible way. The process from a new item is planned to its quality presentation in all the relevant, interconnected, promotional channels, can be complex and require different skill sets on the way. A good work flow makes the effort easier and ensures every stage is completed and so a quality result, in an effective way.
- Is it acceptable to you that our methods will create a framework for you in parts of your workday?
- Do you agree that structured, planned work can improve efficiency and results?
- Are you willing to learn new skills to complete identified plan of action?



- Will your enterprise invest what it will take to carry out a promotional strategy, also regarding hours and skillsets?
- Are you decided to show stamina to see plans through over time while waiting for results?
- Are you able to enter into a close working relationship with your supplier and share your promotional initiatives?
- Is the promotional budget realistic and balanced with your turn over and targets?



- What types of skills do you have among yourselves at your enterprise in connection with promotion?
- What skills can be freed to carry out promotional strategies?
- Do you have a communications section?


Choice of tools

- What types of promtional tools, software and hardware, do you already use?
- Is the updating of your website, and other media outlets, effective?
- Do you have media equipment?
- What new requirements do you have to your future tools?



- Are you ready to make new promotional plans?


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