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The Urchin Empress
RavensEyeMedia designed, provided the artwork and illustrated this revealing book for the author, Roger Shrubb.

The book is a fictional tale of a real woman who brought Christianity to the Roman Empire. She was an ordinary girl who ended up becoming the mother of a great Emperor who stopped feeding Christians to lions (and far worse as you will read) and himself was baptised. This affectionate biography by a slave of her mistress Elena over a turbulent period of the Roman Empire deals with problems still troubling the world today: religious persecution, martyrs, repression of women, illegal immigrants, slavery, rape as a weapon of war, rival superpowers, mental illness, and the corrupting effect of power.

Buy Urchin Empress here (all proceeds go to charity, in support of Christians world wide) £10.26 Paperback / £1.62 Kindle - and join our Facebook group

My Urchin Empress by Roger Shrubb