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The Umbrella - an award winning film poem about the power of faith

The Umbrella (28 min short fiction) - Filmfestival in Huy, Belgium (Palm d'Argent, Prix de l'Office du Tourisme), Filmfestival Wattrelos, France (Medaille d'Or), Independent Film Festival Cork, Ireland (Best European Film).

The Umbrella was accomplished by a joint venture between individuals, enterprises and organisations who all volunteered, I suppose, because they loved making films and liked my manuscript. When I screened The Umbrella in Cinemas around Europe in the eighties, I received many different reactions ranging from sheer excitement and admiration to tears and quiet reflections on death! I love this film so much, because I never stop seeing new meanings every time I watch it.

Some scenes in the film were invented by the cast and crew and I love seeing how our great teamwork created this film around shared ideas - ideas that I now see many more people share around the globe.

Here below you see me editing The Umbrella in a 16mm Steenbeck editing table.

Kind regards

Dick: Bart Peel
Verity: Ruth Vaughn
The old man: James Ramsey

Writer, director, film editor, song writer: Elizabeth Thomsen
Cinematographer: Jasper Fforde
Music: Patric Secq
Producers: Elizabeth Thomsen, John Forrest
Sponsors: London Fire Brigade, London Transport, Samuelson's Film Services, John Wood Sound Studios, Danish Film Workshop