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A unique presentation of your company's products and services.
Insightful processing of how to best promote your company.
We illustrate clearly and concisely how you benefit your client.
In depth analysis of your bespoke requirements.

The De Luxe Promo Kit contains:

Logo and animated logo design

A professional website
- default 64 pages
- as many pages as you need

Dynamic slideshow
- with animated smart texts (example below) to go with your photographs

Graphics/photo animation
- illustrating how your business benefits your clients

Advanced gif animation for social media
- with your branding

Social media package
- including automatic posts

Your own music jingle

Simple webshop included

3 months free support

Please find specifications below.

Contact Elizabeth for your bespoke requirements:
07543281999 or or use our contact form.

Easy add ons:

Workshop; Test your business idea in 90 minutes
Price: £45

Concept development, writing of texts for your website
Time budget: 2 hours, price £45

Promotional strategy for your company
Time budget: 2 hours, price £45

DIY promotion courses:
Media production, social media and promotional strategies
Buy coupons:
12 coupons (3 hours) for £75
24 coupons (6 hours) for £140
Buy a course (75 minutes): £45

Support coupons*:
6 coupons (15 min each) for £30
*Support in relation to using the websystem is free. The first 15 enquiries each year for support, that take under 5 minutes to process, are free of charge.

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Making a good first impression gives your company the opening to show your special traits and qualities; via your unique custom made design, functionality and information.

Usability = presentability
Visitors to your website navigate directly to any of 8 always visible menus, and to any of 64 submenus with just one more click. Reach 512 webpages with two clicks without having to scroll. At 2000 pages: scroll ½ screen down, at 3500 pages: scroll down a full screen.

The real life work partner
We give insightful, collaborative team work in presenting your unique company. We investigate, analyse, consult, develop, teach and support. Our involvement is as if, we were long term employees, only there are no negatives such as sick leave or coffee breaks.

Technology, price and possibilities
Our web-system is based on sound and simple well tested technology that works across all browsers and devices - it is very effective and easy to customise. You get from 64 pages with only extra charge for server space, your website will not be subject to volumes on the server that will slow it down and data prices are completely transparent.

Specifications - De Luxe Promo Kit:

Logo and animated logo design
Design and simple animation of your logo.
Timebudget: 2 hours

A professional website
- default 64 pages
- as many pages as you need (only costs the *price of extra server space used*)
- including SEO for Google and teaching you how to DIY.
Webdesign and insertion of content. Incl. the first year's hosting.*
Timebudget: 3 hours

Dynamic slideshow for website
- with animated smart texts to go with your photographs
- also with your new graphic artwork
Photos will need to be minimum 800 pixels wide. Max 6 photos and 6 texts.
Timebudget: 1 hour

Graphics/photo animation for website
- illustrating how your business benefit your clients
A short animation with 5 stages.
Timebudget: 3 hours

Advanced gif animation for social media
- with your branding
Using the artwork from the illustrated presentation.
Timebudget: 2 hours

Social media package
- including automatic posts (within the Hootsuite free account framework).
Artwork for profile and cover and presentation image for Facebook, Google +, YouTube and Linked In
Timebudget: 1 hour

Your own music jingle
To be used with any of the material.
Timebudget: 1 hour

Simple webshop included
A webpage in our creative webshop which you use yourself.
- or 15 Paypal buttons.
Timebudget: 2 hours

3 months free support
in relation to updating your website and your social media strategy.

*The first year's hosting includes 30 Mb serverspace.
Serverspace tariffs per year:
100 Mb: £65
300 Mb: £95
1000 Mb: £130

The timebudget will allow quality work
- and you have the copyright to your artwork when you have paid for the work in full.
Extra hours can be aquired for:
1 hour: £35
6 hours: £150 (£25 per hour, paid in advance)

Before work commences you will be invoiced and asked to pay £100, and, in the same way, another £100 after 6 hours' work and £125 on final delivery. Your website is developed in test and published when the work has been paid for in full.
Artwork and webdesign is approved by you at the beginning. In the rare case that we do not match your taste of artwork and design you will get a full refund if less than 1 hour's work has been done, 50% refund if less than 3 hours have been done and no refund if 6 hours work have been done. You will be closely involved in the planning of the work and your approval of design will be asked for at every stage.

Here are some gif-animations for social media.
You can also view these on Raven's Eye Media on Facebook.

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