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Here is an example of a promotional strategy: Produce a film about your product, create a blog where it can be discussed and endorsed, embed your film and your blog in your website with more information, now - post that webpage in multiple channels, send an email campaign and keep an eye on visits to your webpage in Google analytics.

A promotional strategy only works if it is created on the basis of your true aspirations and when you follow through. Please share your thoughts and experiences in relation to promotional strategies in the comment box below.
Here are a few essential points:

Client target - who, where, when, why, how.

Budget - time and money.

Realistic approach - related to your motivation to follow through.

Your preferences - style, tone, method.

There are multiple ways of reaching the same goal and it is the clarification of these four points that will form your strategy.

It is important to investigate how to reach your target clients, what channels, what type of film and illustrations will work, second opinions of your presentations are invaluable at this stage.

Your budget, both how much time you will invest and your financial budget, will determine your strategy. Many campaigns can be done for free. For example taking time to post in Facebook groups.

No strategy will work unless it is followed through. Be realistic and find out what plan you believe in, because that is the one you will end up following in the end.

Your branding of your style, tone and other methods, like choice of channels and wording and your appearance (or not) in your films, all send a message that your clients will relate to, or not. This can develop over time or you make a real effort to get to the bottom of how you wish to present yourself.

Promotional strategy for your company
Time budget: 2 hours, price £45

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